Compliance and Risk are words that go together. Risk mappings set the foundation of any effective compliance program.

It is common to hear a lot about «Human Risk». Regardless of the level of sophistication of compliance or risk management programs, their output ultimately depends on the input, which is human behavior and far from perfect …

During our conference we will discuss what can and should be done with this “human risk” within the framework of the Ethics and Compliance programs. Prof. Josephine Nelson and Prof. Antonino Vaccaro will discuss if monitoring employees is contributing to a possible solution. Dr. Patricia Harned, the CEO of Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) will talk about how to evaluate effective Compliance & Ethics Programs.  Christian Hunt will lead us in a discussion of Behavioral Compliance. The second day is dedicated to compliance and criminal law. Distinguished judges, such as Dr. Patricia Llerena and Dr. Guillermo Yacobuzzi, will discuss different aspects of the subject matter accompanied by academics and criminal lawyers .